Doppels has created the world’s first birthday discovery engine and social app.

Everybody has a birthdate and Doppels are people who share the same one. Our mission is to spark movement where your birthday allows you to connect more authentically to the world around you, find people sharing your birthday, discover those celebrating their birthday on any given day, and make new connections.

Who’s my Doppel?
Who are the celebrating Doppels today?
What do we share in common?
Is there attraction?

Doppels glossery.

This glossary will assist and help you to understand Doppels terminology

Today's Doppels

This is where you can find the Doppels group celebrating their birthday today

Pass the user
Gift the user
You have gifted the user
Wish the user
You have wished the user
Access to chat messages

My Doppels

Gallery view of users who share you birthday

You are visible to other Doppels
You are invisible to other Doppels
Access your chat messages


Your birthday contacts on Doppels

Gift the user
You have gifted the user
Wish the user
You have wished the user
Menu options:
Remove from Calendar,
Block user,
Report inappropriate


Get notified of birthday reminders, incoming wishes, gifts and friends who have joined and much more.....

Notification relate to your general activity of the app.
Your Doppel wants to chat to you
A friend has a birthday, send a gift
Your chat request to a Doppel has been accepted
Your friend joined the Doppels community
Someone added you to their Calendar
Someone added you back to their Calendar
Notification relate to your birthday and wishes or gift you sent.
Someone sent you a birthday gift
Someone wished you happy birthday
Someone wished you happy birthday - you accepted
Someone sent you a birthday gift - you accepted
Someone accepted your wish
Someone accepted your gift


Invite your friends to join Doppels

Clicking the Doppels star will reveal other social platforms to share the joy.
Facebook private Messenger
SMS text message
Copy link to share elsewhere


This is how someone's profile will look on the Doppels app


If you are a member of the media, ambassador or partner requiring usage of the Doppels brand and wish to use our assets to include information about the company on published or digital marketing materials, please find our official media pack below.

Brand Assets

Access and download our brand assets.


Understand Doppels features for use within your published materials.

Press Kit

Download the Press Kit for more information on our team, company mission, history and app functionality.

Brand Styleguide

Understand the treatment of our brand, trademark and associated fonts within our style guide.


We are located in the heart of Venice, California


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